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The 13-minute version of “DoYaThing” with James Murphy, Gorillaz and Andre 3000 is ridiculous (in a good way)

I’m not sure the first thing I thought after hearing the Converse-sponsored new song “DoYaThing” was that I liked it (and I did) but would like it more if there were an additional 9 minutes of Andre 3000 going crazy and shouting “I’m the shit” over and over again, but here we are.

Converse has been putting three known artists together to create songs for a little while, and this collaboration betwee Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Outkast’s Andre 3000 is the best one to date. With that lineup, how could it not be? Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn and Murphy each have their own verses – and they’re quite good – over a memorable electronic beat, but the song gets particularly great when Andre 3000 begins rapping. First line: “New word: Onomateopoeia.” He goes on and proves with the dexterity in his rhymes and lyrical wordplay that he’s one of the best and most creative voices in pop today (and for the past decade), one whose appearance can make a good song great.

Then it turns out there’s a 13 minute version of the song, which I learned about from Sound of the City this morning. 107.7 The End gets the credit for first leaking it. The final 9 minutes really need to be heard to be┬ábelieved. It sounds as like Three Stacks was let loose to do whatever the hell he wanted to do after they had enough for a “proper-length” song at four and a half minutes. It’s delerious and brilliant; completely ridiculous and batshit, but still brilliant.


Chris Burlingame is the editor of Another Rainy Saturday.